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All Videos

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I train using positive reinforcement methods; I can help you achieve your training goals using positive reinforcement training. Together we will develop a training plan to achieve your goals, we will also look at enrichment and management options to aid your training journey and help your dog live a more fulfilling life.

One On One Consultation

This is your first step in learning how to train your dog and solve behavioural problems. The consultation lasts for about 2 hours; the first 30 minutes, consisting of a conversation where we develop your training plan. The remaining time in the consultation is hands on training and working with your dog.

Ongoing Training With Your Dog

If you want ongoing training services; these sessions are most often booked as a 1 hour session. A regular training session, will help you fine tune your training and achieve your goals quickly. Sometimes for owners short on time, these sessions are conducted with me training your dog alone. I provide updates for each session with this service.

Puppy Training

Give your puppy a head start in life by starting training early. My puppy training has no age barriers and is individually tailored to yours puppy and your families needs.


I am a qualified Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behaviour, positive reinforcement dog trainer. Dog training is my passion and I continue to study and attend dog training courses and workshops. If you would like a complete list of my studies, please contact me.

Video Library

For an introduction on dog training and behaviour. My videos are short and easy to understand.