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One On One Consultation

This is your first step in learning how to train your dog and solve behavioural problems. The consultation lasts for about 2 hours; the first 30 minutes, consisting of a conversation where we develop your training plan. The remaining time in the consultation is hands on training and working with your dog.

Tailored Packages

Ongoing services can be tailored to your needs and packaged at a discount price.

Ongoing Training With Your Dog

If you want ongoing training services; these sessions are most often booked as a 1 hour session. A training session at least once a week, will help you fine tune your training and achieve your goals quickly. Sometimes for owners short on time, these sessions are conducted with me training your dog alone. I provide updates for each session with this service.

I train using positive reinforcement methods; I can help you achieve your training goals using positive reinforcement training. Together we will develop a training plan to achieve your goals, we will also look at enrichment and management options to aid your training journey and help your dog live a more fulfilling life.


For an introduction on dog training and behaviour. My videos are short and easy to understand.




I’m Wangaratta based. I feel lucky to live in North East Victoria we are surrounded by so many beautiful small towns. I have worked as a tutor for a local community house in all abilities classes for several years now. This role has seen me complete several related courses, which I have found a lot of the learning theory also complements my dog training.

 I work with owners and their dogs to support them to resolve behavioural problems. I feel passionate about dogs forming the best relationship they can with their owners. My training programs address behavioural issues from management, enrichment and training prospective. Through my training techniques, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your companions needs and wants, and you will learn effective tools you can use to avoid problems well into the future.


I grew up owning dogs and I have been passionate about dogs from a young age. My French Bulldog “Ralph” is the centre of my world.

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I had no idea that my dog Marley was reacting to some need I was not fulfilling for him. Knowing this has created a much better relationship for us both, and he no longer has many of the difficult traits from before. No more attempting to destroy items or barking at the rubbish truck at 5.30am on collection days! God Bless you!

Rhonda Bock




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Wangaratta, Victoria.

Now servicing Albury, Wodonga and surrounds.


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